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Packet filter for TOP/KOP/PKO Servers

Protection for JailBreak (MAC), Game.exe (PIN), a hole in GateServer, which can allow hackers to exploit server.

multiupload.com V7KDSACYE2

How to set up this filter?

Setting up a filter:
Download filter. Version v1.1.
Open the filter and go to Settings.
In IP address enter or your IP-address.
In the GroupServer-GateServer port, you can enter any value or use the default 1976.
In the GateServer-GroupServer port, you can enter any value or use the default 1977.
In the GateServer-client port to enter the port that the client uses to connect to the server, according to the standard port is 1973.
In the Filter-GateServer port without changing its value to any, otherwise, knowing that port, it is possible to disable the server.
Put a checkmark on request.
Choose the type of protection.
Click the Save button.
Configuration and GateServer GroupServer:

Open GroupServer.cfg
The value of the block Main Listen_Port set is the same as in the GateServer-GroupServer port.


Name = GroupServerAndor1
Listen_Port = 1977
Listen_IP =
KeepAlive = 600
Version = 103

Open GateServer.cfg
Port value in the block GroupServer set is the same as in the GroupServer-GateServer port.


IP =
Port = 1976
EnablePing = 1800

Port value in the block ToClient set is the same as in the Filter field-GateServer port.


IP =
Port = 1972
CommEncrypt = 1
EnablePing = 60
MaxConnection = 1500


1. If you use this filter, do not use Gemini.XFail.
2. If you turn off the filter in the program, the packets will not be tested, but the server will continue to operate(Unprotected).

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