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Script Generator v2.1 Empty Script Generator v2.1

Post  Admin on Tue Oct 25, 2011 4:47 pm

-seller npc generator;
-teleporter npc generator with built-in map pictures;
-npc line generator for your mapnpc.txt.
Not included:
-exchanger npc: don't have time to work on so many functions;
-quests: i will add these ones for sure in the next version.
Why would you use it? Because you can create seller npcs fast no matter if you're pro scripter or not.
-mirror 1: KSKB70E0CR
-mirror 2: http://www.2shared.c...nerator_v1.html

Version 2 updates:
-seller npc item range (thanks to Gold for the idea)
-items & monster quest generator
-npc script generator for quests
Version 2 download links:
-mirror 1: UXXWDQYRDS
-mirror 2: http://www.2shared.c...nerator_v2.html
The 'installation' process has not been changed, just extract it somewhere and copy your ItemInfo.txt and CharacterInfo.txt into the Resources folder.

Version 2.1 updates:
-fixed the monster quest and several more things
-there were some blank lines in the iteminfo & characterinfo copies (excepting the first one) and they have been removed
-changed some colors
-mirror 1: 5PSVDOC7EW
-mirror 2: http://www.2shared.c...erator_v21.html

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