Guiding Making a Patch for your Server files

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Guiding Making a Patch for your Server files

Post  Admin on Sun Oct 23, 2011 12:39 pm

1st Steps: Download 6893ETGX

2nd Steps: Then extract it to somewhere in your pc that is easy to find

3rd Steps: Open it then after that...

4th Steps: Open your server files> Resource

5th steps: Look for ItemInfo.Bin

6th Steps: Copy Iteminfo.bin and paste into your patch folder( Scripts>table and paste it there)

(Ntoice: when you make your patch if u edit other stuf such as characterinfo.txt/Hair.txt/ etc..then you will have to add those thing u edit and copy the .bin to your patch also)

7th Steps: Archieve the patch you made for your server and Upload onto your website or share to your friends to play

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